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5 Facebook Pages That Will Make Your Newsfeed a Better Place

If your Facebook newsfeed is congested with political garbage, viral urban legends –“baby carrots are evil, y’all!” — and everything Kardashian, and you just. can’t. take. anymore… Think of your newsfeed as a garden: you have to prune it with the Hide Post button on all the stuff that makes you want to unfriend everyone and weep for humanity; seed it with content and pages you enjoy; and fertilize it with likes so Zuckerberg & Co. can work their fancy algorithms…

‘Round the Web

Grab your popcorn — or hydrangea-in-a-popcorn-bag, which made the cutest centerpieces for a client’s She’s About to Pop baby shower earlier this month — and check out some of my favorite things from around the ol’ Internets this week. What I Instagrammed vs What Was Really Happening, or My Entire Life is a Lie – I laughed; I cried (from laughing); I totally related. Watch this HuffPo video and try not to smile. Impossible!! “You haven’t…


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