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My Top Skin Care Picks From the Sephora Sale

I take advantage of the Sephora Beauty Insider sales events by stocking up on skin care, from the products I can’t live without to new releases I want to try. I rounded up a list of my recommendations for the sale to help find the best stuff (in my humble, skin-obsessed opinion). 

Every Day Sun Care Tips

Settle in, I’m about to get pretty long-winded about one of my favorite topics: skin care. Sun care is the most important step in any skin care routine, period. If your daily routine doesn’t include a good sunscreen, none of your other products really matter. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” First, let’s talk sun rays: short wave UVB rays affect the surface of the skin and cause sunburn, and long wave UVA…

Beauty Confessions: Skin Care After 30

All the beauty experts say women need to get serious about anti-aging skin care when they roll over the big 3-0. Suddenly cleansing and a swipe of SPF aren’t enough; apparently we need an arsenal of products to “preserve” our faces and fight the [irreversible?] damage we inflicted upon ourselves in our youth. I’m lookin’ at you, tanning beds; should’ve listened to my grandmother. With this in mind, I found myself in Ulta two months ago on a mission.…


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