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What I Wore Last Week

A roundup of my real-life outfits from last week; including lots of denim, my new devotion to blazers over tees, and several pairs of colorful shoes. Plus some thoughts on my fresh perspective on blogging in the new decade.

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5 Easy Outfit Combinations That I Love

After nearly a decade (!!) of documenting my style evolution on this blog, I’ve settled into a simple aesthetic built around classic wardrobe staples I love. I really jive with the idea of a daily uniform, and I’m happiest with an edited closet of neutrals, denim, structured outerwear and quality accessories. I recently realized that I wear a variation of 5 different easy outfit combinations through the week. There’s nothing revolutionary here, but I thought…

Style Files: What I Wore Last Week

Last week is kind of a blur: Chad took a week-long trip to Canada, and I kept myself really busy with work at the shop and chores around the house to distract myself from missing him too much. I crashed hard this weekend and spent both Saturday and Sunday hanging around the house in my PJs, watching tv, and taking allll the naps. We have a short work week because of the holiday, but with…

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How I Remixed 30 Wardrobe Basics Into 30+ Easy Outfits

Remember when I started a 30×30 wardrobe remix challenge back in June? Even though I took a little blog hiatus last month, I stuck to the ‘rules’ of my remix and mixed-and-matched 30 pieces as my weekday wardrobe for nearly 2 months. I didn’t take photos every day, but here’s a roundup of 33 of the outfits from the challenge. Guys, I loved this 30×30 and I could’ve kept going and going. I’ll definitely do…

Style Files: I’m A Capsule Wardrobe Convert

We’re nearly halfway through my 30×30 remix, and at this point, I think I could happily live out the rest of the summer with this pared-down wardrobe. Leslie shared a post about her own capsule wardrobe experience on Cupcakes & Cashmere yesterday, and I’m inspired by her process: she evaluated every piece in her closet with a critical eye; then edited her wardrobe down to 36 well-loved pieces; and sold the rest on Poshmark. Although…

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#30x30Remix: My First Week of Outfits

Things are off to a great start with my summer 30×30! I’m enjoying getting dressed for work in my little makeshift mini-wardrobe in the laundry room, where I stashed my 30 pieces on a rolling rack to avoid any distraction/temptation from other stuff in my closet. There’s something about pared-down options that really jives with my brain; in the case of a capsule wardrobe, it kickstarts my creativity and makes mixing-and-matching fresh outfits a breeze.…

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