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Summer is officially here! Despite it already being stiflingly hot in the sunshine state, I’m welcoming this lazy, hazy season with open arms and C and I are on a mission to make the most of it. We kicked it off two weeks ago with an overnight stay in Treasure Island to meet up with friends for a day at the beach. I booked a last-minute suite at the new boutique Treasure Island Beach Resort,…

This + That

I’d love to kick off the week with a BIG thank you to everyone who responded to Friday’s survey. I read through the responses this morning, and your support and encouragement made me smile from ear-to-ear; you have no idea how much I appreciate you all taking the time to give me your feedback on what you’d like to see around here and for sharing such kind words. Through the survey, I learned the majority…

This + That: Fresh Summer Basics

With Mother’s Day officially behind us, heralding the close of our busy spring season at the shop, we’re cruising into my favorite time of year: sweet, sweet summertime. When C and I started working in the flower business — almost a decade ago! — I spent the summer months wringing my hands and stressing about slower sales; dreaming up apocalyptic scenarios of the end of the floral industry as we knew it. Now I look…

This + That: Color Crush

The common theme of my bookmarks, Pins and saved Instagrams last week was fresh spring color: from accessories and outerwear in fun fruity hues; to the perfect bold lip with an innovative balm-meets-melted lipstick formula; to a set of orange dining room chairs I couldn’t stop thinking about until I found them in the most unexpected place. Plus, the juicy tell-all about daytime television that I binged in a weekend and more. Let’s dive in!

This + That: Gimme All the 90s Spring Trends

Good morning! I’m kicking off the week with a new collection of the latest links I love from around the web, but I’m freshening up my reader-favorite This + That series by: 1.) moving it to Monday mornings, and 2.) adding the photos, Instagrams and videos that inspire me each week instead of just throwing a long list of links at you. It’s partly inspired by ‘Leslie’s Lists’ on Cupcakes and Cashmere — I love…


  • Our blooming crepe myrtle + pink sunset skies. 💕
She was just a little baby tree when we planted her by our front window 13 summers ago, and now she’s as tall as the roof! #crepemyrtle #ihavethisthingwithpink #acolorstory #summernights
  • To file under Unexpected Wardrobe Staples: a snake print duster; I found this one at @topbuttons last month and put it in my #30x30remix as a wildcard. I wore it for the first time yesterday, and now I’m totally on-board the kimono/duster/light-and-easy-layering-layering-piece train! #ootd #instastyle #whatiwore #shoplocal
  • Hey, girl! 👋🏻 We have a handful of these hand-painted face vases available at @lasaterflowers that are perfect for fresh flowers, succulents, or even a catch-all bowl for keys and hair ties. (We all have one of those somewhere in our home; it may as well be cute. 😉) #floraldesign #shopsmall #summerblooms #flashesofdelight
  • I jumped on board with @kendieveryday’s #30x30remix! For the next month, I’ll mix-and-match 30 pieces from my wardrobe into 30 weekday outfits and share them in weekly roundups on the blog.

My first week of remixed outfits + my thoughts on the challenge are in today’s post at 👖 
#capsulewardrobe #instastyle #ootd
  • Back to work after a relaxing weekend! But with *zero* tan to show for it; I’m never not fully-shaded and SPF’ed, wearing a giant sun hat and some kind of mumu situation on a beach.
☀️😂 👵🏼
  • Found our new favorite beach getaway spot this weekend! 🌴 #lovefl