Friday’s Five

I think my brain short-fused when I turned the flower shop calendar over last week… I stared blankly at the new month’s page for a good 20 seconds before I could accept that it is, in fact, August. I saw a meme on Instagram that said, “June and July lasted 4 seconds,” and it gave me some comfort; maybe I’m not the only one who feels like we just celebrated the new year, yet somehow we’re halfway through the summer. I always make big plans at the start of the season, filled with barbecues, DIY home projects and weekend beach…

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Mad About Mules

Since my current casual/minimal style feels like I transported back to the 90s — high-rise jeans, lots of easy tees, every oversized button-down I can get my hands on, all the denim — it’s only fitting that I’m on totally on board the mule trend. The slide-on shoes made a big comeback this year, with iterations in every color, fabrication, and heel-style. I’ll take mine in a colorful suede or neutral leather with a little block heel, please and thank you.

Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Refillable Lipstick Review, Luxury Makeup

Hourglass Confession Review

The new Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Refillable Lipstick is the most luxe thing in my handbag right now. Housed in a sleek gold applicator that feels like a tiny sculpture in my makeup pouch, this lipstick promises “creamy, saturated, long-wearing color with a satin finish, without smudging or feathering.” Does this lippy live up to its claims, or is the launch all style and no substance? Influenster sent me a complimentary tube to review, and after a week of having it in regular rotation, I’m ready to share my thoughts.

Friday’s Five

TGIF! It’s shaping up to be a working weekend for me, but I hope to squeeze in some sunshine, reading, and quality time with my Netflix queue. (I want to dive into GLOW; anyone watched it yet?)

In Search Of Cute Kicks

In the latest installment of Things I’m Too Old For Now: I can’t get away with wearing my beloved leather flip flops and flimsy ballet flats to work anymore. We have concrete floors throughout the flower shop, and after long days on my feet, my arches are shot. I know the lack of support is terrible for my legs and back, but up until recently, my desire for cute outfits was greater than my respect for ergonomics. I’m just not a sneaker person; for years, I only had one shabby pair that I kept around for walking the dog or…

Friday’s Five

I’d like to petition to make every weekend a 4-day weekend! We closed the shop for the holiday, and I spent four glorious days lounging around the house in yoga pants, reading a little, binge-watching Netflix and Hulu a lot — currently loving Jane the Virgin and The Mindy Project — and only leaving the neighborhood to pick up burritos. I didn’t realize how much I needed the mental break. I’ve been a stress case for the last several months, and checking out of the world for a few days gave my over-cooked brain a quiet, healing rest. Now, onto this [short] week’s…

10 Everyday Beauty Cheats and Makeup Tips

10 More Beauty Cheats Every Girl Should Know

10 Beauty Cheats Every Girl Should Know is one of the all-time most popular posts on my blog. I love that I’m not the only one who appreciates a good beauty hack! It’s been four years since I wrote that post (!!) and I’ve learned a lot of good tricks since then. Here are 10 more of my favorite beauty cheats: 1. Tightline your eyes.  For subtle definition and fuller-looking lashes, run a waterproof black or dark brown eyeliner under your lashes on your upper waterline. I love this matte gel liner crayon for the job: it glides on easily without tugging at…