>husband jeans

> Boyfriend jeans are everywhere this season, and I’m so in love with the look. I remember when a similar trend hit in the 90’s, and women went out and bought mens’ Levis (same era as CKOne, no?). I can remember a particular shopping trip with my uber-stylish mom — who is also the official photographer of this blog — to “County Seat” or some similarly named store to shop for her own mens jeans.  So I decided to raid my husband’s closet for the second time this week to try out his Levis and save a buck on purchasing…

>all business

> I first saw the tie-tucked-in-a-pencil-skirt look on Jamie at work your closet (one of my faves and the initial inspiration for this little style blog). Gave it a try and loved it. Any woman with business basics in her closet and a live-in guy has everything she needs to recreate this classic look.  Tie one on! ;-) 

>sunday best

> Same look, sans belt:  This Gianni Bini suede bow tie belt was an impulse buy about six years ago.  It was on the clearance rack for like $6, and the compulsive shopper in me had to have it. Through the years, it’s moved around my closet but never actually made it on my body. When I put this outfit together, I realized that it was the belt’s time to shine. And I think it was worth the wait. 

>garden party

> Today’s outfit required some major flexibility. From Saturday mass this morning where our nephew received his first communion, to the beach this afternoon for a get-together with friends who are moving out of the state next month. This was where the look started this morning.  Lose the cardigan and jewelry, replace the wedges with flip flops,  and cover hair with a scarf and you’re beach bound! :) 


>This is the same Ellen Tracy shirt dress I posted earlier this week on the tumblog. With different accessories and shoes, the look is totally different. If you like this dress, it will probably end up in shop my closet before long…