Let’s Take A Trip Down Summer Beauty Memory Lane

While I figure out a summer upload schedule that doesn’t include another unintentional 3-week blogging vacation (oops) I thought I’d let the archives do the work by highlighting some of my favorite summer beauty posts of yore. From minimal makeup routines and the best tricks for perfectly air-dried hair, to a reliable sunless tanner that’s the next best thing to a natural tan, I have you covered with everything you need for a low-maintenance summertime…

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Hello! I’m Keira. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear.

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This + That: Let’s Catch Up!

Hey, what’s up, hello! I didn’t mean to take a three-week break from updating the blog; before this little hiatus, I started to get into the groove of a regular posting schedule. But at the beginning of the month, one of our flower shop family birdies left the nest to pursue her photography business full-time — we miss you, Summer! — and I’m picking up her daily duties around the shop until our slow season…

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The Best Makeup Brushes On A Budget

Think of putting on your makeup like you’re painting a house: the tools you use for the application can make or break your end results. A great brush can elevate the performance of a mediocre product; and conversely, a bad-quality brush can make working with a premium product difficult and frustrating. When I realized the huge role that brushes play in a makeup routine, I bought a lot of them. I wanted to try everything,…

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My Fall Wardrobe Wish List

This + That: Holiday Weekend Edition

It’s a short week for us at the flower shop; with Independence Day falling on a Thursday, we’re closing up for a long weekend. C and I plan to spend the break at home, tackling a few more projects around the house — we’re Marie Kondo’ing all over this place — and hopefully spending a lazy day or two in the sun with friends and snacks. (Lots and lots of snacks.) Here are some of…