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Free Floral Wallpapers For Your iPhone

A perk of my day job as a floral designer: my camera roll is filled with beautiful flower shots. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and I can’t stop snapping photos around our design studio. (The camera is so good.) I rounded up a collection of my…

in lieu of a proper holiday recap

At the start of each holiday, I tell myself I’m going to take a bazillion behind-the-scenes snapshots around the flower shop, which I’ll use to pen a deliciously detailed Day in the Life of a Florist blog post. Won’t that be interesting?! Don’t get excited just yet; I only managed to…

a gorgeous garden affair

  Last Saturday, I spent the loveliest afternoon helping set up a wedding at Mackay Gardens. The sweet bride was Sara, who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since our days of conjugating verbs and reciting the translation of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in Mrs. E’s latin class {more than…