6 Simple Life Hacks For Easier Mornings

Corkcicle Baldwin Lunch Box (also available in turquoise!) Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on the blog on 1/19/17. Going through the archives recently, I realized I need to bring these simple shortcuts back into my weekly routine! I updated the links and made a few edits to make it…

My Planner Pick For the New Year

One of my favorite things about turning over a new year is the chance to buy a fresh new planner. I know everyone organizes their lives in their smartphones and Google calendars these days, but I will always be old-school in this department and prefer a paper planner that I…

keeping it together, part II: my work bag

Remember my first Keeping It Together┬ápost back in March? Several of you asked for more details about my daily organization and favorite tools, so here I am — just a short nine months later — spilling the contents of my work bag! If you were to catch me traveling to…