mellow yellow!

Alfani top (Macy’s clearance) | Elle lace print cardi (Kohl’s clearance) | Bleue jeggings | Lucky Emmie flats (scored at Marshalls for $40) | Dooney & Bourke tote (c/o my Mom)

Yesterday was one of those days that — despite my best laid plans and a well-orchestrated schedule — did not go as planned. Chad and I had tickets for an awards banquet last night to honor some outstanding young professionals in our community at a local college. We were designing all of the centerpieces at the shop, so I planned to drop the goods at the event location around 3:00pm, then head home for a shower and some proper primping (instead of my usual state of getting dressed for black tie affairs in a hurried frenzy) to be at the event just in time for the start of cocktail hour at 6:00pm.

While out running errands in the morning, Chad called to tell me that one of my employees went home sick. Which threw my whole plan straight to the birds, but we decided I’d still try to be home by 4:30 to get ready. One thing led to another, the afternoon flew by, and before  I knew it I was standing in my back room cleaning a new shipment of flowers at 5:00pm, still in my work clothes and hair all a mess. I called Chad in a pouty funk, griping about my lack of time and necessary tools for such a makeover undertaking, and mid-conversation, dropped my iPhone in the flower cutter filled with flower food and water. {@#$!}


Fortunately, my old stand-by for such fashion emergencies, Macy’s, is just a few blocks from the shop. So I hopped in the car [in the middle of an afternoon downpour] and bought a head-to-toe outfit in 20 minutes for less than $60. We’re talking shoes and all, people. Fabulous buttery, camel-colored, leather Nine West shoes. {A small consolation to ease my stress and frustration.} I rushed back to the shop and quickly got dressed in the bathroom — a feat I’ve perfected over the last year — and we made it to the event by 6:20. {Husband looked so handsome in his sports coat and slacks!}

This top was among the things I scooped up in a fury. While my first instinct in such shopping sprees is to go for a cocktail dress, I know I’ll get more mileage from separates. I paired this bold yellow Alfani flower top with a grey and white graphic print pencil skirt (on clearance for $7!) and the neutral Nine West heels.


There are a couple of things I keep on hand at the shop for such dire situations. A can of dry shampoo, oil blotting sheets, a blow dryer, and a tube of red lipstick. When you don’t have time to completely re-do your face, a swipe of red can make all the difference in quickly pulling yourself together to look like you made an effort. After last night, I decided I needed to add the following tools to my style-first-aid-kit: a pair of neutral heels, a cute evening clutch, curling iron, my favorite HD finishing powder, and creme black liner.

Now, if the boutique were up and running, I could’ve just swiped a cocktail dress off the rack and headed out on my merry way! Bring me your clothes, people… Clearly I need them.

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  1. 9.6.11
    Iris said:

    Sorry your day was so rough, I love the lace detail of your cardi. It would put a smile on my face :)

  2. 9.6.11
    Pearl said:

    I must say you look so adorable! Love the colors!
    And your blog name is so cute! Glad I found ya.via pinterest actually!

  3. 9.5.11

    very pretty outfit! xoo

  4. 9.2.11
    lisa said:

    oh i just have to add… way to go at Macy’s! What fantastic steals you found. i love a happy ending! :)

  5. 9.2.11
    lisa said:

    love the yellow top and the lace cardy. i’m adding that to my list!

  6. 9.1.11
    Jenn said:

    Your cocktail outfit sounds great! Share a pic if you have one! Love love love your blog.

  7. 8.31.11
    Ashley said:

    What a fabulous outfit. That sweater is super adorable. Hope the event was tons of fun!

  8. 8.31.11
    Joanne said:

    you always manage to make it work! and stylishly, might i say:)

  9. 8.31.11
    rach. said:

    oh my goodness! you are so beautiful! i love the outfit and your hair is so pretty! lovely blog! :)

    love, rach.–

  10. 8.31.11

    you’re adorable! love your yellow top. xo

  11. 8.31.11
    Linda Z said:

    Oh, I just love this outfit!! It’s one of my favorites of yours! You look great in yellow. I hope your days goes more smoothly today! :)

  12. 8.31.11
    Allie said:

    I’m sure you looked great, you always do! Sorry your day didn’t go well and I hope your phone is fixable, or, at the very least, able to be replaced soon!

  13. 8.31.11
    Sage said:

    Wow! I probably would have had a nervous breakdown. I’m amazed by how fast you were able to find a full outfit. I’m loving that yellow top. Can’t wait to see pictures when your boutique is up and running.

  14. 8.31.11

    Red lipstick is a must always chic! Loving the pop of color here!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  15. 8.31.11

    I’m impressed! Hope you had fun at the event.

  16. 8.31.11

    You looked absolutely adorable last night, with or without a whirlwind! If I were you with your gorgeous pouty lips I would rock that red lipstick everyday. Everyday, Keira.