i need a break from reality…


stripe and lace tee (Beall’s Outlet on the super cheap) | lace shirt (Macy’s clearance last year) | Tommy Hilfiger black skinnies | Target boots (2009) | Coach Swingpack cross-body (a pretty penny, available online)



television, that is.

{I just heard the collective gasps from all of my close girlfriends, who I’m sure are floored by this news.}

You see, reality TV is one of my most hardcore vices. When I’m planted in front of the tube (which is more often than I’d like to admit any time I have a spare moment) I don’t deviate far from my trifecta of networks: BRAVO, Style, and E!. I know the names of every Real Housewife from Coto de Caza to Hotlanta; I can probably identify all of their husbands, baby daddies, and children, too. The drama just sucks me in, but it’s gotten a little much for me lately.

My irritation with the trifecta began a few weeks ago, when the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired and Teresa made me want to drive dull pencils into my eyeballs. Then the whole Kardashian mess exploded early this week, and it was the intervention I needed to bring me back to, well, reality. You know, the real kind.

I read somewhere recently that the Kardashians raked in over $65 million last year as a family. That was before the sham wedding-heard-’round-the-world brought them millions more. Now, just 72 days later, the divorce news breaks — 3 weeks before E! premieres the second season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, with previews hinting at serious trouble in paradise. Coincidence? I’m thinking not.

Bottom line: Hollywood is gross. And the reality rating train is one I’m not interested in fueling anymore. {You hear that, Ryan Seacrest? We’re done.}

So, I haven’t watched TV since Monday. Instead I’m spending my free time reading again — currently The Thorn Birds, picked up at a thrift store last week for $1 — and doing more craft projects, getting outside with the dog, listening to music, and watching classic movies. I already feel more cultured and well-rounded ;-)

Life has enough drama, backbiting, ugliness and negativity. I think I’ll take my entertainment without it from now on.

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  1. 11.6.11
    Lori said:

    I watch all the Housewives and Kardashians, plus my fave channels are the Bravo, E! and Style too :) When I watched the NJ Reunion, I said “Finally, Theresa is exposed for what she is”. I was getting way too involved. I’m actually watching the Atlanta season premier as I’m typing this……lol. I need to do what you are doing, seriously. Your doing great so far….wish me luck!

  2. 11.3.11
    Anonymous said:

    You have really awful grammar. Do you re-read before you post?

    • 11.3.11
      Anonymous said:

      You’re a great person though! I like your style and the gist of what you’re saying!

  3. 11.3.11
    rhiannon said:

    i could use a break from reality tv as well! i love your lace shirt, so cute!

  4. 11.3.11

    Right after reading this I went home and turned on the TV to watch the news. What were the top 3 stories? The Kardashian divorce, Justin Bieber’s alleged baby rumor, and Lindsey Lohan back in jail. I felt like I needed to go take a shower after that. Yuck. That was news? On the bright side, I’m so happy you’re getting into reading! Let me know if you need any recommendations. If you want a light young adult book, I just read Divergent and LOVED it. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  5. 11.3.11
    Ashley said:

    Congrats on your reality tv breakup. Reality tv is THE worst… if you are craving some drama, just check out some fabulously scripted and well acted TV shows. At least that way you don’t feel like you are watching something “real” when you aren’t. My personal faves are: House, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and How I Met Your Mother (comedy). Or rent some LOST dvds! :)

    Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in!

  6. 11.3.11

    i totally agree!! it is pretty gross…especially the way young girls lap it all up and think this is how life really is?!

    you will love ‘The Thorn Birds’ its so beautiful…cant-put-down kind of book!!

  7. 11.3.11

    i should do the same thing! i am a reality show junkie! i

  8. 11.2.11
    Meghann said:

    The thorn birds is SUCH a good book. Coincidentally, I was named after my mom read the book in 1982. If you ever meet someone that spells their name MegHANN, you can be sure she’s named after Meggie Cleary!

  9. 11.2.11
    Anne said:

    The Thorn Birds is the best book EVER!!! and you look amazing as always!!

  10. 11.2.11

    Ugh! I’m so disappointed too! I was such a huge fan of the Kdashians but this whole circus makes me sick, my life’s drama will do ha! Loved your post felt like talking to a friend!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  11. 11.2.11
    Megan said:

    TOTALLY agree!!! This Kardashian mess just made me sick…and feel like such a fool for fueling it!! I am sticking to my Seinfeld on DVR…I never regret that :) (course, books are a great option as well… :)) Thanks for posting this…we could all use a real reality check!!

  12. 11.2.11
    Joanne said:

    preach it sister! Well put:)

  13. 11.2.11
    Terri said:

    Bravo to you! The more I learn about the Kardashians, the more they sicken me as a group of people. On a more positive note, your top is absolutely adorable!

  14. 11.2.11
    Loren said:

    I feel the same way about reality TV, to much of it is based around drama, fights, and embarrassing people. I could use fewer negative forces in my life.
    I love the double lace you are wearing. Cute combo!

  15. 11.2.11
    Kimberly said:

    Could not agree more!!!

  16. 11.2.11
    Christine said:

    I don’t follow the Kardashians very closely, but the Kim K situation makes me sad. On a happier note, I love your shirt, but I’m a sucker for lace.

  17. 11.2.11

    Good for you, girl! Love that lacy top :)


  18. 11.2.11
    Lauren said:

    In some weird way, I am going to miss the reality updates from you that leave me questioning who or what you are talking about. ;-) More dog park and girl’s nights? Yes ma’am, I will take that!