winter, what?

LOFT tee | LC Lauren Conrad faux leather pleated shorts (purchased on sale with Kohl’s cash) | Seychelle’s gypsy sandals | Big Buddha clutch via Hautelook | vintage necklace (m.marie)



IMG_0496 IMG_0487


We’ve had the most glorious spring weather this week! What? It’s still winter?

While some of you are bundled in sweaters and snoods {jealous}, we’re kind of sweaty in the sunshine state. TMI? Is it ladylike to discuss perspiration?

Well anyway, temps have lingered around the 80’s so I’ve decided to stop fighting Mother Nature and just dress like it’s May. Shorts, brights, sandals, done.

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  1. 2.6.12
    Delaney said:

    Love this colour palette!(SP?) Love that yellow color on you.
    Hooray for cooler temps!

  2. 2.5.12

    So you’re dressed like this…and to go out in the snow last night (after being snowed in at my friends) I wore 4 layers on top, 2 pairs of socks and gloves..hat scarf. The works.
    Summer is simpler. Enjoy!

    Check out my blog! I’m starting out, please comment and give me feedback :) xxxxx

  3. 2.5.12

    Great look! XOXO

  4. 2.5.12
    Courtney said:

    I feel your pain! I just put away some of my sweaters today.. Shortest winter ever, right?!

  5. 2.4.12

    You have the loveliest smile. =]

  6. 2.4.12
    jdlarkin said:

    I love that shirt!

  7. 2.4.12
    Joanne M said:

    you look great! I love this outfit. I have those shorts and can’t get enough of them. Have a great weekend:)

  8. 2.3.12
    Amy said:

    cute look

  9. 2.3.12
    Katie said:

    These colors look amazing together! Absolutely love this outfit!

  10. 2.3.12

    nice ,..speacially the clutch <3

  11. 2.3.12
    Robin said:

    Yay! I just ordered these shorts (which you inspired me to do in the first place btw) and I can’t wait for them to arrive. Unfortunately, I am going to have to wait because unlike you lucky duck, we got a foot of snow last night. A foot!

  12. 2.3.12

    My sister goes to school in Florida and she mentioned it has been unseasonably warm. I had no idea it was THAT warm, though.

    Super cute outfit! And your hair looks amazing.


  13. 2.3.12
    Kylee said:

    I have these shorts on today…with boots, leggings and a sweater…..ugh.


  14. 2.3.12
    Anita said:

    you are soo lucky to have spring weather – here (in munich germany) it’s freeeezing cold, can’t even think of leaving without at least ten layers of pullovers, two socks etc.
    the leather shorts look very lovley combined with yellow!
    xxx Anita

  15. 2.3.12
    Maggie B. said:

    um… can we talk about how gorgeous that yellow color is on you. jealous. just a wee bit… :)

    Maggie B.

  16. 2.3.12
    Sarah said:

    love your hair and that yellow tee! great outfit, only wish i wasn’t up north so i could wear it.

  17. 2.3.12
    Mara Joie said:

    speaking of snoods:::

    0:14 on this HIGHlarious vid


  18. 2.3.12
    L.Voss said:

    I did the way you incorporated the turquoise and oxblood together its all so cohesive. The shoes I am drooling over!

  19. 2.3.12

    love love love! and your hair looks great. we have been having some spectacular weather as well. i just wish my super white legs would rock shorts like this.

  20. 2.3.12

    Cute outfit–I like the yellow and turquoise together. I also really like the color blocks in the photo arrangement. Very mod.

  21. 2.3.12
    julie said:

    We are having a warm winter too here in the Super Bowl City! The sun is shining and no snow. Let’s hope it lasts. (Of course it’s still 39 degrees right now.)

  22. 2.3.12

    From one Floridian to another…. I have missed winter this year!!! :-(

  23. 2.3.12
    Sydney said:

    you look great! Jealous of your sun! We just got three centimeters of snow and its about -15 celcius!

  24. 2.3.12
    Anne said:

    Love this!!!.