{when it’s all about} the shoes

Sunny Leigh button-down (Macy’s) | Mossimo premium skinnies (Target sale) | Tyler Rodan bag (outlet) | Bamba patent penny loafers c/o Wanted



A statement shoe works in much the same way as a statement necklace: throw it on with easy basics and, voilà, instant outfit.

This morning I overslept by about an hour, and left myself with 20 minutes to get dressed and haul my groggy behind to work. Seeing as how I spent 15 of that 20 minutes sleepy drunk in a hot shower — I know, so not green — I didn’t have much time for primping. Enter tinted moisturizer and crazy lady up-do (which is looking way crazier in that top photo; thanks a million windy weather) and a frantically pulled ensemble of skinnies and a button-down. Original. My new coral patent penny saved the day by adding a pop of color to spice things up.

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  1. 2.28.12

    Loving the button down so much !


  2. 2.27.12
    Sydney said:

    I think you still look great! The messy up-do is my go-to, rock it girl

  3. 2.25.12
    Lyndsay! said:

    The shoes are adorbs!


  4. 2.25.12
    jamie said:

    YES! So cute.

  5. 2.25.12
    Amy said:

    love the color of your shoe

  6. 2.23.12

    Waking up late: story of my life! You still look great; I’m dying over those shoes!

  7. 2.23.12

    Adorable shoes! They really add a little something extra :)


  8. 2.23.12

    Those shoes are so cute — I love the coral-y orange color. I’ve been a fan of the crazy-running-late updo lately too, which is why I’ve been taking my showers at night to get more zzz’s in the morning :) You look so chic and pretty!

  9. 2.23.12
    julie said:

    OMG! I did the same thing. Simple basic and my penny loftier shoes in green (very similar to yours I might add). Instant style (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

  10. 2.23.12
    Camelia said:

    I take the most ridiculously long showers, I’m always so tired! But those jeans look nice for a target sale! And those shoes are an eye catcher, and so cute. Lovely outfit :)


  11. 2.23.12

    Love the shoes! I’m seeing this color everywhere and a new sweater and pair of pants in this shade have found their way to my closet!

  12. 2.22.12
    soanthro said:

    Adorable, so into statement shoes lately too! Have my heart set on a bright green pair :)

  13. 2.22.12
    shannon said:

    Cute look! Great shoes.


  14. 2.22.12

    Those loafers are perfection…this is not helping my plan not to purchase anything new for the next few weeks! : )

  15. 2.22.12
    Kayla said:

    Thanks a million for the scarf tutorial, btw. I am loving everything you are wearing lately. First I wish I had a casual job so I could really take the inspiration to heart. And second, I wish you could post ten outfits a day so I had something style-related to think about all day! Keep up the good work.

    • 2.27.12

      Thanks, Kayla! You’re too sweet :) Sometimes I wish I could dress up MORE for work. The grass is always greener, ha!