bloomin’ bloomers




{ shorts: MNG by Mango (jcpenney, spring 2011); button-down: Tommy Hilfiger; clutch: vintage eelskin (thrifted); wedges: Antonio Milani (Dillard’s) }

I was thisclose to giving these shorts the boot during my last closet cleaning. Sometimes my compulsive purging leads to lots of regret, so I’ve made a new rule for myself: keep the cast-off bags around the house for at least four weeks, then go through them one last time before dropping them in the donation bin.

I’m glad I rescued them! They’re linen and elastic waist. So basically, they’re like fancy pajamas.

15 thoughts on “bloomin’ bloomers

  1. I’m not usually one for shorts, but they are so cute! Perfect for the Beach ; went yesterday and got very burnt *sad face*.


  2. I have a similar purging strategy. As I’m going through my closet and think “why do I still have this?” I grab that stuff and put it in a bag/box in my closet. Then if I don’t reach in for anything for like, a month or six weeks (depends when I’m consigning or donating) then I get rid of it, AND I force myself not to go through it again. For me that is the clincher.
    Love this look. So cute!
    Also I like the new blog look, but it took me forever to find the comment button.


  3. I’m so glad you didn’t get rid of those shorts! I adore them – they look so comfortable, and you look fantastic in them :)


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