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{I’ll miss making fun window displays. Our “display” now is a moving sign, but it’s a cute one.}


I dismantled the consignment boutique. It’s been a rainy day, which thwarted my plans for running a few pieces of furniture and a box or two over to the new space. It turned out to be quite an undertaking, so I’m glad it’s behind me and I can check a big item off my moving to-do list. But I’m also a little sad…

Having the consignment boutique was such a wonderful adventure, but it’s time for this chapter to close (for now) so I can focus on taking our flower business to the next level. I’ve met so many great — and stylish! —  ladies along the way. Thank you to every reader who came in to browse and introduce themselves! I hope you’ll still come and see me in our new space, even if it’s just to stop and smell the flowers.

3 thoughts on “today

  1. gasp! i’ve been thinking about opening a consignment boutique/store! is it hard? does it bring in any income? got any advice???


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