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A Pretty Penny | Sunday Best
{ LOFT sweater; Joe’s jeans cut into shorts; Cynthia Vincent snakeskin flats; Lauren Merkin bag }

Last Sunday, the spring cleaning bug bit C; he came home from the gym with my father-in-law’s pressure washer and big plans to clean the exterior of the house. While he busied himself blasting the mildew from our stucco, I threw on my old Sunday standbys headed out for some errands and shopping.

My spring weekend uniform is typically some simple variation of this: cut-offs (I made these from a pair of extra-long Joe’s I found at the Goodwill for a 10-spot) with flats, a comfy top, and a hat. For now, I’m wearing my cozy sweaters as much as I can, until the summer heat makes it impossible.

When I made my way back to our freshly washed house that afternoon, I threw a big salad together with chicken, bleu cheese and fresh Florida strawberries. Later, I swapped the sweater for a t-shirt and spent some quiet time poolside to soak up the extra hour of sunshine.

Since Sunday is our only full day off during the week, we always try to make the most of it; a successful one is equally productive and lazy with lots of good food and a good dose of quality time together.

Last weekend we nailed it.

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  1. 3.13.14

    it looks so nice on you! and you have such a dazzling smile!

  2. 3.12.14
    Brittany said:

    You are darling. This look is so cute, comfy, easy, and fun!

  3. 3.12.14

    wonderful post, nice smiles
    http:// in the closet)

  4. 3.12.14
    keishacj said:

    Great Post!

  5. 3.11.14

    Hello! I have nominated you for the Liebster award! Please don’t take offense if you have more than 200 followers, I just searched through blogs I liked (: To learn more about this award just click on my blog. I hope you’ll take the time to participate and join the fun…thanks xo <3

  6. 3.11.14
    meganarz said:

    This photo is totally adorable

  7. 3.11.14

    Such a smart idea with DIY cut-offs, I’ve attempted a few pairs from thrift stores myself!

  8. 3.11.14
    brittney said:

    Adorable and so true. It’s all about balance, amiright?

  9. 3.11.14

    Love the hat!! Super cute outfit for a warm, lazy Sunday.

  10. 3.11.14

    Love it

  11. 3.11.14

    Love the look. Seems comfy!


  12. 3.11.14

    Great casual outfit! I’m loving floppy hats for the spring and summer.

  13. 3.11.14

    The outfit is gorgeous and what a great way to spend the day. I haven’t had breakfast yet and that salad is making me very hungry…

  14. 3.11.14
    Amy said:

    glad you had a nice weekend