Manicure Monday: My All-Time Favorite Neutral Nail Colors

My childhood Caboodle is stocked with Essie nail lacquers in every shade of the rainbow,  but these days all I want to wear are easy neutrals. They’re like the t-shirt and jeans of nail color: classic, comfortable, and er, polished (pardon the pun).

Annnnnd, if I’m being honest, part of me feels like my neon nail polish ship may have sailed when I crossed over the big 3-0; right alongside denim mini skirts, super low-rise jeans, and crop tops.

{Hover over images for links to each color; sources available on my Pinterest board, Nailed It.}

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42 thoughts on “Manicure Monday: My All-Time Favorite Neutral Nail Colors

  1. Yes, I love all of these! Lincoln Park After Dark is probably my favorite, I wore it for years! I also love You Don’t Know Jacques!

  2. Absolutely love ballet slippers! It’s my go to for a nice baby pink. But I’ve been looking for a really nice black nail polish so i’ll definitely have to try this one!

  3. OPI’s bubble bath would really bring out a tan (I’m thinking ahead ha!) and looks so pretty. I was thinking the same about neon colours but then I saw a deep neon green by China Glaze and thought “Nah, sod it I’m so buying this!” i think it can make a statement if you are wearing black or grey.

  4. I have a hard time justifying the work of a manicure for something as sheer as the Ballet Slippers color, but I ADORE the khaki and grey colors! I’m still all about the neon in summer though #noshame :)

    1. Here’s a secret on ballet slippers: use the Butter London nail foundation and it gives you a good streak-free base to layer on the color evenly. Also, you can’t really tell when it chips. 👍

      1. Right now I have the Essie base and it definitely makes a difference compared to using nothing at all, but I haven’t investigated the Butter London base yet. Thanks for the tip!

    1. I’ve found that any time I use the Butter London Nail Foundation (either alone or as a base coat) my manicures last the longest. I’m really rough on my nails in my job, but I can usually get a solid 7 days out of a manicure when I use it.

  5. Such beautiful colours! I recently got a really beautiful pink as well – Its Essie Eternal Optimist – a lot like Ballet Slippers but darker! Can’t wait to try one of these colours though!

    1. That’s one of my favorites, too! I was *this* close to adding it to the list, but I couldn’t find an image on Pinterest that did the color justice. It’s a great neutral.

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