Taking Stock | 11


Making : prom corsages ’til my fingers fall off.
Cooking : more veggies after watching Fed Up last weekend.
Drinking : Tazo ‘Organic Peachy Green’ over ice by day, Blue Moon First Peach Ale by night. I have a thing for peaches, I guess?
Reading : The Bell Jar and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Wanting : good news on a potential business opportunity.
Wishing : for a good Mother’s Day week at the flower shop!
Enjoying : longer days and soaking up the extra sunshine after work.
Listening : to ‘Hamptons Beach Traffic’ on Songza.
Waiting : to use up some skincare products so I can dip my toes into the Korean routine that’s buzzing all over the beauty blogs.
Liking Ingrid Nilsen’s YouTube channel. I love her sweet, happy vibe!
Loving : Essie’s ‘peach daiquiri’ polish; it’s the perfect bright peachy-pink for spring. {Peach again?}
Bookmarking: ’20 Things to Do When You’re 30 That Will Make Life Better When You’re 50.’
Watching : Parenthood on Netflix. All the feelings! And the best soundtrack.
Needing : a “she shed.”
Smelling : Lollia ‘Relax’ handcreme (totally use it as an all-over lotion) and perfume, my new favorite for spring.
Wearing : Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in ‘strawberry’ almost every day.
Thinking : life is pretty amazing right now. I like you, 30.
Marveling : at my 8th wedding anniversary coming up next week. Time, it is a flyin’.
Feeling : lovely.

{Inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip.}

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  1. 5.21.15

    I love this idea! Inspires me to do one of my own


  2. 5.15.15
    shay Lyn said:

    Love this! Thinking I’ll do a copycat post inspired by you + all the others you were inspired by!

  3. 5.13.15

    I love these posts! Will have to try something like this myself, I would be interested to see some of my answers!

  4. 5.12.15

    I just started watching Parenthood! Literally 1.5 episodes in…using it as entertainment during midnight newborn feedings. Love this post!

  5. 5.6.15

    LOVE that orange bag!!!

  6. 5.4.15

    Reblogged this on Chesa Nmezi’s General Blog..

  7. 5.3.15

    I love this!!! So glad I have discovered your blog. Amazing xx


  8. 5.1.15

    Reblogged this on .

  9. 5.1.15
    MsVirgo21 said:

    Loving the post and peach is in this year, I’m in love with the color.


  10. 4.30.15

    This is such a lovely list<3


  11. 4.30.15
    Carolina E. said:

    You are a busy lady! A list is good to have .

  12. 4.30.15

    Essie’s Peach colour is just gorgeous! I’m going to check out the Korean beauty routine as this has somehow totally escaped me lol and 20 things to do when you’re 30… A ‘She Shed’ sounds awesome – after all men get their ‘man caves’ ^_^

  13. 4.30.15

    love this list of things. I LOVE Ingrid Nilsen’s youtube channel too. I’ve found a lot of great makeup favorites from watching her!

  14. 4.30.15

    I agree, the list is such a good idea.I love positive posts like this and also love the bag!! x

  15. 4.30.15
    Stefanie said:

    I love this way of blogging! Very nice to show something of yourself via this list. :)

  16. 4.30.15

    Watched Fed Up last weekend also! Obsessively checking the sugar content in everything now!

  17. 4.30.15

    beauutifull color bag! <3


  18. 4.30.15

    Copying: the bucket!! soooo nice! :-)

  19. 4.30.15
  20. 4.29.15
    Maddy said:

    I absolutely love the list and I will be checking out several things you mentioned.

  21. 4.29.15

    Such a cute blogg”ing” list idea! As a peach lovin’ 34 yr old, I’m going to check out the book and the peach drinks! :)

  22. 4.29.15
    Kammille said:

    I can relate to the “Making : prom corsages ’til my fingers fall off”! There myself but so happy with how beautiful they turn out!

  23. 4.29.15

    I like this list! Glad to see you are feeling lovely! Parenthood, oh Parenthood. I may just go back and watch every episode because I loved it so much, and you’re right, all the best jams! I want to jump on board with your peach sips and manis.