Kaja Launched A Highlighter You Apply With A Tiny Paint Roller

Kaja Roller Glow Packaging Photo

I’m such a sucker for unique product packaging, so the Kaja Roller Glow had me at ‘hello’; but is the newly launched K-Beauty highlighting balm that you ‘paint on’ with an included roller sponge genius, or a gimmick? Let’s discuss.

I’ll start by saying that 13-year-old Keira in the late 90’s would’ve LOVED this highlighting balm, with it’s pretty gold and pink duo-chrome shift and tiny glitter particles. She would’ve bathed in it.

Surprisingly, 34-year-old me really digs it, too.

Kaja Roller Glow Highlighting Balm Review
Although the packaging is not the most practical, I’m in love with the product design for the Kaja Roller Glow, which comes with two foam rollers so you have a backup.

I’m usually not a fan of super-shimmery highlights, but the micro-glitter in this one is subtle enough for just enough sparkle without looking chunky, and I love the pearlescent rosy gold color, which is a departure from the champagne-toned highlighters I usually prefer.

My only cons for this product are the bulky packaging that takes up a lot of space in my makeup drawer, and the foam roller; which, despite many attempts with lots of rolling to ‘warm up’ the balm as directed, never gave me much payoff and often looked patchy or lifted/moved my base products underneath. It works fine if you’re putting it on bare skin or going for a super sheer application. So as much as it pains me to say it, the roller feels a little gimmicky and unnecessary. (But she cute!)

I prefer applying the highlighting balm with my fingers by tapping it into the high points of my face — on the tops of the cheekbones and temples, down the center of the nose, and along the cupid’s bow — for a good dose of shine. (It’ll also be lovely dabbed on the shoulders and collarbones.) While I probably won’t reach for the Kaja Roller Glow every day, I’m sure it’ll get good use through this spring and summer when I’m a bit more tan and want all the extra glow I can get.

Kaja Roller Glow Highlighting Balm in pan with sponge roller applicator

Disclosure: I received the Kaja Roller Glow roll-on highlighting balm for free to review from Influenster. f you haven’t heard of Influenster, go check it out. It’s an online community of diverse members with millions of helpful reviews for home and beauty products, and through their Voxbox program, Influenster sends out full-sized products to select members (based on their specific interests and profile) in exchange for their review, honest feedback, and sharing across social media. You don’t have to be a blogger or ‘influencer’ to join, and you can check out all the details on their Voxbox program here. I’ve discovered some of my favorite products through Influenster, and even when I received products that weren’t a great fit, I’ve always given super honest feedback that didn’t affect my eligibility for future Voxboxes. I’m never obligated to post about them on the blog, but I like to share stand-out products and fun launches with y’all!

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  1. 2.26.19
    lisa said:

    haha this looks like a fun product to play with but I’m not sure if it’s practical for everyday basis. I can see someone using this on their body more than the face because of the roller. I know some makeup companies have tried coming up with product similar to this but for applying foundation instead and people did not respond well to it. Awesome post though I enjoyed reading it :)