Style Files: My Week In Outfits

This is a super quick post to share all the snaps of my real-life #OOTDs + some makeup details from each day of the week. I don’t have much time to write today; we have a stack of orders that need to get out the door, boxes and boxes of fresh flowers arriving this afternoon that need to be processed for the holiday, and a whole lotta prep work to get us ready for one of our busiest weeks of the year. Remember your mamas next Sunday, guys!

(And if you’re local: moms love flowers. *wink*)


Guys, I’m having an identity crisis because I thought I hated yellow on me, but this poncho/sweater/cozy-comfort-of-a-top makes me think I need MORE sunny shades in my wardrobe. (This is all there is currently.)


I’m very into this outfit. I could happily live in some variation of boxy blouses and denim. One of these days, I’ll invest in some Everlane silk square shirts.


We’ve officially hit the expiration date on polyester tops with sleeves. It is too hot for this, and my natural deodorant can’t handle the pressure. (Still obsessed with these hexagonal Ray-Bans.)


My Pinterest style boards are filled with casual outfits built around structured jackets and jeans, so I went on a blazer buying spree last year and stocked my closet with a variety of colors, styles and prints. The problem: I rarely wear them. This spring, I’m making an effort to incorporate more ‘completer pieces’ into my weekday wardrobe, tossing them over easy camis and tees so I can shed layers if it gets too warm.

When I walked into a coffee shop in this outfit, the barista complemented my blazer and we chatted about a nearby secondhand shop that she says is stocked with great menswear blazers and coats; now it’s on my to-do list to pop in and see if I can find any vintage treasures. She mentioned that her grandmother buys mens tuxedo shirts there and pairs them with jeans, and I said, ‘Your grandma sounds awesome!’


Ending the week with an animal print and flat sandals for a busy day of flower deliveries. This top is from LOFT sometime last year (here’s a similar style in lighter colors for spring) and I’d love to get my paws on a short-sleeve version for the summer. Jeans are Everlane again, and no one is surprised.

Want some cute sunglasses on a budget? My round frames are under $20 at Urban Outfitters.

Happy weekend! Hug a florist next week.

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  1. 6.4.19

    Test comment

  2. 5.6.19

    Love your style files! I hope shop prep is going swell! That yellow is so fun – I think you do indeed need more sunny shades!!

  3. 5.3.19
    Madeline said:

    Hooo I’m really into your outfits! I especially like the yellow sweater, the velvet mules and the Friday outfit (your hair looks amazing!)