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This week’s roundup is a day late; I started watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix on Saturday, and just as I predicted, it threw me into a tidying/tossing/organizing frenzy that lasted through the weekend. I tackled the linen closet and every kitchen cabinet and drawer, and in the middle of having all our towels and sheets strewn on the hallway floor Saturday afternoon, C came home from golfing and jumped in on the action in his office. I have a to-do list started for next weekend’s projects: my closet (I’m legit excited about folding all my stuff into little standing rectangles) and bathroom, craft supply storage, and books.

We also watched both of the Fyre festival docs, and 10/10 would recommend. I gasped and/or clutched C’s leg a dozen times while watching them; I’m not a festival person under the best of circumstances, but if I showed up to that sh*tshow, I would’ve died right there in the Bahamas. We watched the Netflix documentary first, then Hulu’s Fyre Fraud several days later, and I suggest going in that order, if you haven’t dived in yet.

Now on to the links I loved last week!

• I whipped up a batch of Joanna Gaines’ After-School Banana Bread from the Magnolia Table cookbook yesterday, and I’ll never throw out overripe bananas again. So delicious.

• We’re using the central heat at home a lot lately, and my skin is seriously parched. I’m piling on this ‘moisturizing bomb’ mixed with a few drops of marula oil before bed, and using a rich eye cream all around my eyes.

• This is the cast of Napoleon Dynamite now.

•  I’m in love with this thrifter’s Brooklyn apartment. I love eclectic design: our own home is a mix of hand-me-down furniture, bargain finds, pieces I painted myself and local resale finds.

• Speaking of home decor, I’m currently crushing on white walls paired with bold black trim.

• I’m crushing on crossbody circle bags for spring, and Topshop has a super cute style on sale for under $25!

• @twentysevenlkld is my new favorite local Instagram follow. I love Jenna’s sunny illustrations, and I’m thinking up Lakeland errands to run just so I can visit her new mural wall!

• I have a pair of booties with side cutouts nearly identical to this Jeffrey Campbell suede style, and they’re my favorite to throw on this season. (I’m wearing them today with my beloved washed black Everlane high rise skinnies, a super-soft dark gray Chaser sweatshirt, and a black faux leather moto jacket.)

• Jessica has me convinced that I need a pair of red sequin shoes in my closet.

Ahn makes me miss my corporate wardrobe; I may need to add a pair or two of versatile trousers to my weekday outfit mix.

• I’m putting these DIY entryway wall hooks on my home project list!

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