Chic Ways To Style Denim Bermuda Shorts

To file under Trends I Unexpectedly Love: cut-off denim bermuda shorts. Late one recent evening, I fell down a bermuda short rabbit hole on Pinterest. I know I’m late to the party; they really blew up last spring and summer.…

My Grown-Lady Shopping Rules

Editor’s Note: ‘My Grown-Lady Shopping Rules’ first appeared on the blog on 9/10/14, and it’s one of the most popular posts in the archives. I’m re-posting with a few updates that are more relevant to my style and shopping habits…

My Best Wardrobe Investments Of The Year

I’m back! November went by in a blink. Between a busy month at the flower shop, seasonal celebrations with friends and family, and Thanksgiving preparations, the blog took a backseat. (Oops!) Today, instead of giving you another blogger roundup of…