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What do you do when you want to revive your dusty style blog and curb your shopping habit, all in one go? You bring back an old favorite series: a weekly roundup of your real-life #OOTDs, or as we call it around here, the Style Files.

I don’t know why I’m so itchy to buy new things lately. I rarely felt tempted to shop for anything in 2020. Besides replacing the occasional used-up beauty product, I just didn’t feel the urge. This year, I find myself sliding back into old shopping habits I thought I kicked. Like, I mindlessly buy stuff I see advertised on Instagram** and forget about it until it shows up at my door. Or, Tiktok makes me want to try a new aesthetic every 5 minutes, so I search Poshmark for vintage basics and can’t stop making offers on strappy Y2K kitten heel sandals. (Help!)

I’d love to get back to my 2020 mindset around consumption and spending. Sharing my outfits on the Internet again feels like a good way to start. I’m toying with the idea of laying down some shopping rules, but in the meantime, I think bringing Style Files back will help me get creative with what I already have in my closet. (Also, why do I keep buying new stuff for my wardrobe when I only use like 25% of what’s in there?! I’m on a new mission to actually wear all my clothes.)

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase from these links.

**Side note: since I turned off “allow apps to request to track” on my iPhone, the ads I get on IG are way less enticing. Before, it felt like they were in my brain. If you’re a fellow impulse-buy-from-your-iPhone shopper, give this a try!

Okay, on to the outfits!


I don’t usually work on Mondays, but last week I went in for a bit to help prep orders for a busy week. I grabbed this J.Crew linen top from my favorite summer lounge set and threw it on with some DIY denim bermuda shorts and comfy sandals.

I bought these vintage square Amazon sunglasses* after seeing them on @scoutthecity on Instagram and highly recommend them. They look and feel expensive, and are less than $20.

  • Amazon sunglasses*
  • J.Crew white linen pajama shirt
  • Everlane Cheeky 90s Jeans (bought secondhand & cut into shorts)
  • Bandolier iPhone crossbody + pouch
  • Antonio Melani snake print leather sandals via Poshmark


I’ve worn this exact outfit at least 3 times in the last month. I love how easy and comfy it is, and the high waisted eyelet shorts are perfect for summertime.

Let’s talk about these sunglasses*. I first spotted/admired them on Crystal from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — she wore them in the confrontational boat scene with Sutton and her emotional support face roller — and I fully expected them to be designer. When I found out they were $17 on Amazon*, I ran to the app to order them.

  • Amazon sunglasses*
  • Oversized denim shirt from a local boutique, Franklin & Rose (similar $35 option*)
  • Zara high rise eyelet shorts
  • Moschino floral embroidered sandals via Poshmark


There’s not much to say about this outfit, except that you can’t go wrong with a breezy open tunic and a pair of soft, high-waist denim.

These kitten heel sandals are one of the aforementioned Poshmark finds. Donald J. Pliner is one of my top brand searches for this style. They’re top quality, come in fun colors and textures, and are super comfortable. I look for pairs marked “New With Tags”, or check photos for soles that show zero signs of wear. I got these for less than $20, including shipping,


These Zara high waisted black shorts are in my top 5 wardrobe staples. I love them so much I bought a backup pair, and I’m tempted to get just one more in case they discontinue the style. They’re the best fitting shorts I own, and are super versatile for any style or occasion. I’ve worn them with easy tees like this to work at the flower shop, and with a black silk blouse and heels for dinner out with friends. They’re made with a thick polyester fabric that feels pretty luxe for under $50. (For size reference, I’m usually a 6/8 in bottoms and the large fit perfectly with a little breathing room.)


Like I said up top, I’m on a mission to enjoy all my clothes; i.e., give some love to the pieces I buy with the best intentions but never wear. I almost never reach for a skirt on a weekday, which is silly because a midi slip skirt like this is SO MUCH BETTER THAN JEANS for a hot summer day.

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  1. 7.29.21
    Tarika said:

    You’re sooo right, I’ve also noticed way fewer tempting ads served up on Instagram since clicking that option.

    • 7.29.21

      It’s really helped me with my IG impulse buying!

  2. 7.27.21
    Melissa NICHOLS said:

    Hi Keira, same here, 2020 i was so good but now I’m spending like i have somewhere to go. Thanks for sharing your outfits, always looks pulled together and classic.

    • 7.27.21

      “Spending like I have somewhere to go” — exactly this!!
      And thank you, Melissa! :)